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Adam Pick


Thanks for sharing. As a double valve replacement patient, I'm always interested in anything related to the heart.


Sid Schwab

First case of circulatory arrest with deep hypothermia I saw was an infant with anomolous pulmonary venous return. Cold and static, ice packed around the heart: by pretty much any criteria, the child was dead during the operation; and, other than having a few tubes here and there, seemed ready for discharge the next day.

A very nicely written -- poetic, really -- treatise. Thanks.




Very intriguing. Cardiac is the one specialty I have never had the privelege to scrub or assist in. Very descriptive. Tell us more?



Great descriptive post, Mitch. The very first time I've ever heard of this procedure was through the Gray's Anatomy series lol. I kinda shuddered involuntarily when you described that the patient begins to decay. Ew...


You've been tagged.

Benjamin J. Carey


You my friend are a very special individual. Your passion for what you do is immediately discerned in your eloquent writing. Anyone who you work on is blessed to be in your hands. As an aortic surgery suvivor, my surgeon was like you. It would be great if all doctors in all fields had a passion like you. You are gifted. Keep up the good work.

Benjamin J. Carey

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