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Rita Schwab

Great information. Thanks for sharing.

Rita Schwab, CPCS, CPMSM

Sid Schwab

This is a really excellent treatise on a complex subject.

Funny story: the day Mount St Helens blew, 20ish years ago, my father in law (an anesthesiologist) was chief of staff of a hospital several miles north. The explosion, though quite far away, was loud enough that he thought it might have been a bomb on his property. The reason he thought so was that he'd been involved in the very bitter restriction of a practioner, known for disturbing and unstable behavior.

Sid Schwab

PS: no relation. To Rita, that is.


Sid, that's pretty (Ha Ha) funny because A.) been there-I had to hire a private detective and work out family security, and B.) it wasn't really a bomb. Thanks for dropping by; you've been on a hot streak at your blog- the hits keep coming!


Rita Schwab

Oh Dr. Sid - deny it all you want, I bet we're related somewhere along the way! :)



Thanks for the blog. It's interesting.


Can you give an example of a significant event? We have a practicioner in our clinic that shows some symptoms of being emotionally unstable, maybe even untreated bipolar disorder. The office staff (both medical and business) would probably state that it is not the one significant event but the day-to-day "walking on egg shells" to see who shows up Jekyl or Hyde.

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