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Unfortunately, it would appear throughout the United Kingdom we are currently experiencing the corrupt influence of an "outlaw" branded American insurer called Unum [previously trading as UnumProvident] of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Your blog fails to mention the recent BBC investigation by Mark Daly into the continued bad faith practices of the Unum Corporation and its covert "influence" on the current British Government for welfare and NHS "reforms" but you will find the BBC story at the bottom of each page on www.stopunum.com

NHS devolution throughout the U.K. has not prevented "Pathways to Work" going national and other so-called innovative "initiatives" from the American based "outlaw" branded Unum Corporation or indeed, its various financially sponsored UK "charities."

Is it the case, the unfair and illegal practice employed by Unum to dismiss private policy claims [throughout the U.S and the U.K.] is being touted as proof of its credentials and ability to remove state welfare claimants from benefit and "help" reform the NHS?

For unknown reasons [at this stage], some currently in the British Parliament seem to embrace such criminal behavior, as well as promote the use of Unum's non-medical bio-psycho-social model for "assessments" of the chronically or mentally ill and/or disabled citizens.


Sadly, Unum is currently providing "rehabilitation training" to NHS doctors nationally. Apparently, trained "Pathways to Work" assessors will be stationed in doctor's surgeries and many other suggestions from this unscrupulous company e.g. to corrupt NHS doctors by paying bonuses for not signing sick notes etc. have already been put in place throughout the devolved NHS structure.

Private American wealth care [managed and controlled by ruthless insurance companies] is an absolute disaster, as Michael Moore's recent SICKO movie aims to highlight.


The #1 [in both the U.S. & U.K.] "insurance" giant Unum seems to be extremely gifted, not only at continuing to con and deceive many policyholders [the "chosen ones" the ex-professionals with higher value long term claims] with false "safety net" promises but also setting British political agenda's, which appear designed to make Unum the "One" state provider of Health & Welfare services.

And watch out America, it would also appear the British state is starting to be used as a "reference site" back in the U.S. where this very "Christian" company is about to face numerous RICO ACT trials but with very little doubt will manage to continue to exercise additional American political "influence" to further increase its commercial wealth-care interests.

SICKO coming soon to a British NHS near you?
Let's sincerely hope not...


The people in England need to wake up. Unfortunately, Wales currently has a Unum Professor [ex DWP] in charge of its NHS "reforms" and according to the most senior employed Unum doctors and Professors operating out of Unum's sponsored University facility in Cardiff Wales, disease does not exist, it's all in the mind and work is really good for you…

Hopefully, the ethical members of the British Medical Profession with morals will take a stance on all this nonsense very soon. If not, perhaps they will live with regret one day, just like this American doctor did for a long time.


And as they say in Scotland – It’s Time…

PS - The Japanese Government revoked Unum's trading license as punishment for falsifying records.

In October 2005, John Garamendi CA Insurance Commissioner threatened to revoke Unum's trading license for the state of California if it continued cheating policyholders.

Sadly, nothing at Unum has changed! The infamous hungry vulture award company is still ravenous for money, at anyone's expense.

The millions of dollars in fines and serious threats have clearly failed to deter this unscrupulous business from illegal business conduct.

May the US pending RICO Act trials put some of these corporate criminals away for a very long time and may the British public throughout the United Kingdom wake up to the terrible international scam - the Unum number "One" Health & Welfare Co. swindle...

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