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Nishant Sadana

Very nice read.

Incidentally, one of the favourite Final FRCA questions here in the UK is

If you were allowed one piece of monitoring on a patient, which one would it be.

I tend to favour the end tidal CO2, but I guess thats just the way I have been indoctrinated over the last six odd years.


And you guys do not post enough.

Mitch Keamy

Thanks for the visit! Yep, it's about ventilation and adequacy, eh? I can make a good case in my mind for the gas monitor, too.

Posting has been a little erratic of late; personal life does sometimes intervene and suppress the muse. Thanks for hanging with us...


Excellent post. Like the first commenter I too am an indoctrinated fan of EtCO2. But after reading this post I've rediscovered my former respect for the pulse-ox.
BIS leaves me cold, I'm still not convinced.


Great read. I really enjoy this site and hope you great minds will continually inject words of wisdom to all of us.
As for my monitor vote, first is the pulse ox, second is the gas monitor.

Michael W. Russell, MD

Kofke!! I don't know if you'll read this. Mike Russell currently at Duke here. This blog popped up in a seearch for "bullet EKG monitor". Any of you gents have a pic of same? As for BIS (which is ubiquitous in the ORs here at Duke), I still think it is a monitor in search of an indication, with a few very limited exceptions.

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