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Although I agree with the gist of your post, I can't find good evidence that the man involved in the NJ kidney case was actually a rabbi (but there were rabbis involved in the money-laundering).


I disagree with your Comments,
First of all, tissue and bones is very important.
Dr. Mastromarino's technology saved my life
and I am 10000% sure that the companies that tested and took the bones tested every single bone before it got to the public.

no company would be dumb enough to give out diseased tissue lets be realistic here.

these are respected companies that trade on the stock market and have helped people and saved lives, i am sure that each bone tissue that Dr Mastromarino submitted along with out tissue companies are alltested.

one day he will be vindicated and we need more companies like biomed to help people like me.


yes, bones tissue are vital,
mastromarino might of just bent the rules,
but he did help people

the families of the deceased are upset because they didnt see and money out of this for them.

these are the facts.

Michael O'Connor

First: I have edited the post to reflect the uncertainty about whether the accused is a Rabbi. It's not central to the issue, and I have no desire to offend anyone over that issue.

Second: No one knows what Mastromarino did or didn't do. We know what crimes he was convicted of, and the evidence that was used to obtain those convictions. Body parts were taken without the consent of the families, and without the usual precautions to prevent the transmission of a variety of important infections.

Grave robbing is a crime. The remains of the deceased are the property of their estate, to be disposed of as they directed, or as their representatives decide. Absent an estate or designated representative, the remains become the ward of the state. Mr Mastromarino and his colleagues had no more right to the remains they took than a grave robber. They may not have harmed the dead, but they offended the sensibility of their families. This matters. Robbing the dead of body parts or material goods is a crime. Anyone brazen enough to commit this crime is also unlikely to ascertain whether the body parts they acquired are either suitable or free of infection. In this case, there are allegations that recipients of this material from BTS acquired Hep C, HIV, and even syphilis, any one of which is a steep price to pay for the tissue obtained.

I'm all in favor of tissue donation from the dead. If our society faces a shortage of such tissue, then our society should confront and solve the problem. If some individuals earn a handsome fortune in the lawful conduct of that business, that's great. But should random strangers be able to harvest body parts from the dead? My vote is no. It is against the law, and will be until it is changed. Until then, anyone brazen enough to do this should go to jail.


Ok, they are claiming they contracted Hep C, HIV etc. well how many, did contract these disease.

I have CONTRACTED NOTHING, and I can bet that they are a low number of these,
these people are seeking monetary gains.

there is nothing wrong with these people,

Also, Mr. mastromarino is really Dr Mastromarino He will always have my respect.
he saved my life, along with thousands of others.....

He did not rob graves. the funeral directors called him when they had a corpse the funeral directors have custody of the dead bodies not tissue companies, that is the law the family signs over the body and the funeral directors have full custody of the remains until burial, Unfortately for Dr Mastromarino , he never had a trail, so noone has heard this.
One day, he will be vindicated and as time goes by, th eworld will see that he didnt harm anyone.

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